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One of the most extraordinary civic buildings in America, San Francisco’s City Hall rose from the rubble of the 1906 earthquake to become both the symbol of a resilient citizenry and the epicenter of a city in constant change. The People’s Palace commemorates this remarkable piece of architecture and the dramatic events that have taken place under its dome: labor strife, political assassinations, civil rights struggles, and celebrations that have forged the character of contemporary San Francisco.


Featuring interviews with mayors, journalists, scholars, and everyday citizens who have witnessed history within its walls, including Dianne Feinstein, Willie Brown, Belva Davis, Robert Cherny and Gary Kamiya.






Produced by Jim Yager Media/San Francisco.


"You have in San Francisco this magnificent Civic Center crowned by a City Hall which I have never seen anywhere equaled. "

-- Joseph Strauss --



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The Peoples Palace

As San Francisco struggled in the years after the devastating 1906 disaster, an inspiring symbol of renewed hope rose in the city's center. A glorious gilded palace not for kings and queens, but for the people. For 100 years all those who came through its great bronze doors have been witnesses to the history-making events that have shaped the heart and soul of San Francisco. This is a documentary project now in production, celebrating the centennial of San Francisco City Hall. Produced by Jim Yager Media.

Digital Projector System

The Centennial Planning Committee is working with Obscura Digital to install a lighting design system that would coordinate with the LED lighting. Hardware will be installed in various locations on City Hall and in the Civic Center Area to project lighting designs onto the façade of City Hall. These designs will be used to create an extraordinary visual display and will create a “wow” moment for the public that will be shown during the Centennial Celebration on Friday, June 19, 2015. Obscura Digital will use architectural projections to transform the façade of the City Hall into a luminous portal that takes the audience on a visual and creative journey through the history and stories behind the building.

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